Desert Island Instagram Accounts

Desert Island Instagram Accounts

This is inspired by the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs which we utterly LOVE.

The would-be castaways imagine themselves alone on a desert island in a vast ocean. They can choose 8 recordings of songs to get them through the time there.

We imagined we were marooned on the same empty island.
But, instead of records, our sole piece of modern technology was a phone that could only view 8 Instagram accounts and nothing else.

A strange thought, but here are our choices:

1. @Trill_Fram 

This is an organic farm that posts about their natural products, campsite and courses. They are dedicated to teaching sustainable living skills...Handy for a desert island.

2. @FeestLondon

A pop up caterer, @FeestLondon does banging fondue. They have great vegan options and their recipes would be wonderful while we're marooned. If we make it off the desert island, we'd definitely book @feestLondon for our first party.

3. @thewoodcrate

About all things wonderfully crafted using wood. It would be vital inspiration for us to build our palm tree house.

4. @secretyogaclub

After grafting our arses off to build the tree house, I'd say a spot of yoga on the beach would be just perfect. We don't know all the moves yet so this would work a treat.

5. @Livia_Firth

Once we're up and running, we'd need a bit of help getting some good rules and commandments for our new civilisation. No better guide than @Livia_Firth. She's done so much to bring ethics into fashion; she'd help us stay on the right track.

6. @seekingwilderness

If we ever run out of beautiful things to see on Boom Done Island, then the best account to look at would be @seekingwilderness - the adventures of Mitch and Kara.

7. @thevillagebutty

Rule's are there to be broken, right? @thevillagebutty is the TWITTER account for a floating community hall. They show a film every Wednesday on their rustic canal boat. £4 sugg donation includes free popcorn. Fingers crossed they float out to Boom Done Island.

8. @dafhomeopath

There's no hospital on the island, we need all the help we can get from nature.

If you fancy getting into Desert Island Discs we'd recommend these episodes to get you started:

Ruth Rogers - Chef and Restauranteur

David Nott - Surgeon 

Sir Ken Robinson - Educationalist 

Tom Hanks - Actor


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