Desert Island Instagram Accounts with Paddle Logger

Desert Island Instagram Accounts with Paddle Logger

This is inspired by the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs which we utterly LOVE.

The would-be castaways imagine themselves alone on a desert island in a vast ocean. They can choose 8 recordings of songs to get them through the time there.

This month we have invited Paddle Logger to imagine they were marooned on the same empty island. But, instead of records, their sole piece of modern technology was a phone that could only view 8 Instagram accounts and nothing else.
This month we invited David Walker from Paddle Logger to choose his. He's designed a smart app to help you track your stand up paddling stats while you're out on the water. Perfect desert island candidate.
Before he made his choices he had this to say:

'We live and play by the sea. We love the ocean and we are paddlers. Paddle Logger is a brand born by the sea in Falmouth, if marooned on a desert island I can’t imagine it would be too bad as long as I had my SUP! With that in mind there are a few Instagram accounts that I would love to keep an eye on…'

1. @angusandmitchell

Established in Falmouth and currently trading across the UK's south west, Angus and Mitchell do fantastic and wholesome street food. Their Insta feed is full of fantastic dishes created from locally sourced produce. It's the perfect foodie account to get inspiration from! 

2. @pathadventure

A brand new start up by two of the most passionate people you'll ever meet. They are roaming creatives and spontaneous adventure enthusiasts. Being stranded on a desert island would be perfect for them. These guys would provide all the inspiration to keep going and find fun and creativity in any situation. #roamingcreatives

3. @finisterreuk

If any clothing could get airdropped in to keep me going, I would want it to be from Finisterre. They've got something for every kind of climate. Their merino wear and insulated jackets would be perfect for chilly desert island nights. The latter can be used  as handy pillows for extra comfort.

4. @toro_studio

Everyone needs tranquility. Tōro offers that calming influence with succulents and air plants arranged in beautiful terraria. If I am going to build a zen garden which looks awesome and takes little tending too, I'll head straight here for ideas.

5. @gatheroutdoors

Outdoor gear and good times. Great products and inspirational adventures from within the #gatheroutdoors shared economy. Definitely expect my mates to buy some gear here and paddle out to the island for a knees up and island escapades!

6. @swenson_mag

Inspiring stories by passionate people, Swenson champions those who seek to innovate and build through adventure and the outdoors. The outdoors is a great place to be and can inspire successful business in a way that being in a city office never can. Swenson is a great place to get the motivation to grow from desert island castaway into desert island mogul.

7. @franclicraftwear

Francli create incredible things from leather, canvas and reclaimed marine hypalon and rope. These are all left over from the boat building process. This gear is honest, hardworking and perfect for the island. 

8. @surfersagainstsewage

Our oceans are not super healthy. Surfers Against Sewage is an organisation out to change that by protecting oceans and beaches.
Simply saying no to single use plastics and investing in a refillable water bottle is a small but powerful start to healing our oceans.
It's sad to say that on a desert island I would expect to have to do a #2minutebeachclean. But, if we all do a little bit the oceans and our planet will be a much better place!

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