I fell in love with wood at the seaside

I fell in love with wood at the seaside

In 2015 Paloma and I drove 7 hours from Hackney to Falmouth and when we got there, I fell in love with wood.

For our international readers, Hackney is a leafy borough in the East end of London and Falmouth is a beautiful harbour town in Cornwall. Cornwall is the most southernly and fair weathered part on the British Isles. They aint close. Paris is probably closer. 

During our week in Falmouth, Paloma and her sister Phoebe spent there days creating a sell out theatre festival in an old fish factory in the harbour; including puppetry, storytelling, poetry, shorts and a piece about being heartbroken in Lidl. They did all that, ALL THAT; whilst I sat on the beach trying to write a best man speech for Elliott's Wedding. 

Phoebe lived in a caravan, so at the start and end of each day the three of us would feast around her quaint little table sharing our days with one another. The girls were creating magic, both with the space and the storytelling. All I'd come up with was two lines of a terrible idea which essentially boiled down to singing my best man speech to a Blink 182 song.


I was really frustrated by it all... But something about staring out over the calm Cornish bay, sleeping in a caravan and brushing my teeth at an old animals drinking troth, made the best man frustration just about bearable. 

The most calming element of all, was eating each meal from a wooden plate, hand turned by one of Phoebe's friends; the designer Kai Venus Demetrio. Who wood have believed a plate could keep a man sane?!

I fell in love in that caravan, with wood. 

Eating off wood OH MY GOSH!

It's the best, it's like a meal and music in one. No piercing sounds of steel scraping across porcelain. Cutlery on wood equals perfect culinary percussion. Yea, yea, that was a wanky sentence... But trust, it sounds great. AND it makes the food taste better. 

Whilst in Falmouth I met Kai, the creator of this game changer of a plate aka wood God... And that's when we began decided to make bowls for BOOM DONE.

After months of back and forth, numerous prototypes and having our very own BOOM and DONE cast iron brands made... This is what we have come up with;

Even though it makes no sense at all for a t-shirt company to sell handmade wooden beauties; we just don't care!

Kai is such a master, we are also selling a few of his beautiful up-cycled saw blade kitchen knives too. Next year, who knows, we may look into shower heads. 

Peace and love and cheers for reading xxx


Beautiful pics by Bernadette Baksa